Music in my life英语作文

2020-08-28 高考英语作文

  stay平日难啊工作和life里,everybody都尝试过写作文吧,写作文sure锻炼We的`独处习惯,让own男木蚕吕矗伎紀wn未来的方向。still对作文一筹莫展吗?以下是小编帮everybody整理的Music in my life英语作文,供everybody参考借鉴,hopesure帮助到有需要的friend。

Music in my life英语作文

  In my opinion,music is a magical tool which raises me up when I am down and helps me find the bright side of life.Now let me tell you music in my life.

  My daily life is as usual as others.So sometimes I feel bored .When I feel bored,I often listen to music to enjoy how beautiful the life is!And it is the best way to pastime.By doing that,it would be a useful idea to practise my languages.I often busy doing my homeeork,and I usually have trouble in it,when this time,I often listen the music to help me relaxed.

  Music plays an important part in my daily life,isn't it?

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